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Fresh and Fun

Automatic Seafood and Oysters brings a healthy respect for the fish to the city’s newest seafood restaurant.

Hear Me Out: Davey Williams

Whether you were left scratching your head in confusion or had your brain completely rearranged about the intersection and nature of art and music, it was impossible to walk away from a Davey Williams gig without having your perspective on creativity permanently challenged or changed, and hopefully for the better.

Personal Space: Melanie Bridgeforth

Melanie Bridgeforth is president and CEO of The Women’s Fund of Greater Birmingham, which works to accelerate economic opportunity for women and their families through philanthropy, research and advocacy.

For the Love of Color

The Liberty Park home of Jennifer and Clark Cross is a study in color and fun in an unexpected Hollywood Regency style. 

Digital Issue May 2019


Diamond in the City

More than a decade of glistening jewelry and community involvement has earned Diamonds Direct a special place in the city.

The Second Dress Project

“Second Dress” is an ongoing photo series featuring portraits of women who are no longer married, wearing their original wedding dresses within a setting or location that represents the life they have now vs the life they had when they wore their dress for the first time.

Funny Girl

Whether standing up on a stage or chatting about a whole lot of nothing on a podcast, Amanda Goldstein Marks loves to share.

The L Word IRL

A group that fosters unique and radical  hospitality for LGBTQ women in Birmingham

Figuring Out the World, One Character at a Time

How Lauren K. Denton learned to love writing.

Modeling Diversity

Model, athlete, and nail artist Karneshia Shantel has never let spina bifida get in the way of her dreams.