Dive In: Delta BluesHot Tamales

Nestled just off Five Points South on Cobb Lane—one of Birmingham’s historic old cobblestone streets—through the iron fence and past the gas light post is Delta Blues Hot Tamales. Adam and Fawn Freis started Delta Blues when they learned Fawn had celiac disease—an autoimmune disease triggered by gluten—and realized most restaurants are not very motivated to deal with allergens and cross-contamination of foods. So being from the Mississippi Delta, they went back to their roots and the food they knew and loved. They created menus and preparations of foods anyone can come and enjoy. The tamales are  terrific, and the apple-smoked hot wings are some of the best I have ever put in my mouth. If you’re looking for a taste of the Delta in an atmosphere that’s iconically Birmingham, come on by. And be sure to try the scrumptious tamale pie while you’re here.  Beau Gustafson

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