Finding the One

The Sophie Paulette gown

The Sophie Paulette gown

The wedding gown, that is.

By Heidi Elnora


Have you ever seen a knockout wedding dress but found yourself saying, “If only it had this,” or, “If only I could take this part off”?  Don’t worry, it happens to almost every bride. Every wedding gown should be exceptionally unique. Unfortunately, someone else in the world is bound to buy and wear the same wedding gown as you at some point in time.

Don’t settle! Why not find the fit of your dreams and then build upon that? At Heidi Elnora, our Sophie Paulette is a fabulous fit-to-flare scoop neckline wedding gown, with the option to transform it into dozens of wedding day looks (it is one of our best sellers.) From a sleek, sophisticated look to a boxy lace top or a whimsical tulle skirt, the options are endless.

It is important to feel special on your wedding day, so here are some tips for making your look truly one-of-a-kind:


1. If the gown fits, wear it. 

Sometimes, what you want may not be exactly what you need. This is true for all things in life. You may have pulled out an image of a wedding gown from a bridal magazine thinking that it was the “perfect” gown, but when you tried it on, you found that it was a complete disaster. It just didn’t fit your body or your personal style. No matter what the bride chooses, whether it be a fit-to-flare gown (as shown on the Sophie Paulette gown), an A-line (the perfect shape for brides who want to hide their hips), a mermaid (great for brides who want to show off their curves), or a ball gown (for the bride who wants to feel like royalty on her wedding day), finding the perfect fit is the key to finding the perfect gown. Lace, bows, buttons, and sparkle are just like fondant flowers on a perfectly baked cake. If the cake tastes nice, all of the fondant flowers just make the cake look and taste that much better. The same goes for all of the trimmings on a gown. If the gown fits beautifully, then all of the extras just make the gown look that much better.


2. Be open to all possibilities. 

Let yourself be surprised by the details that you end up liking. Be aware of what looks good for your figure, but be willing to try various styles and shapes. When selecting the “fondant flowers” for your gown, make sure that they don’t overwhelm your figure or personality.  A petite bride should not wear a huge ball gown with a bunch of “fondant flowers,” aka “stuff” on it. You will look your best with long, clean lines that help to lengthen your already-small frame. No one wants to look like a cake topper on her wedding day. A top-heavy bride should stay away from a lot of beading at the bodice of her gown, but try to draw attention to her waist or hips. The goal is to even your visual weight by using different trims and accessories.


3. Remember the party. 

What bride wouldn’t love to have two gowns on her wedding day? By wearing a simple gown such as the Sophie Paulette, brides can easily change their look from ceremony to reception and basically have two gowns for the price of one. The change could be as simple as adding a sparkly belt or a birdcage veil. Most brides keep it simple, classic, and elegant for the ceremony and then surprise their guests with a mini-costume change for their receptions. The possibilities are endless, so don’t be afraid to step outside of the box and have some fun!

Remember these tips when shopping around for your dream wedding gown. Finding the perfect wedding gown is a lot like dating—you may have to go through a few gowns until you find “the One.”

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