What’s Your Ideal Flower?

shutterstock_275141162A Confero quiz. 

By Christopher Confero   

The springtime saying sings, “April showers bring May flowers,” and with the recent floral demonstrations I’ve done out and about town, I’d say this old adage still holds true. But, no matter the season, flowers are truly an essential addition to any event. When I sit down to design floral arrangements for a client, taking account of their personalities influences the creation. It’s part of my job to select blooms that not only fit with the overall aesthetic of the event, but also amplifies your personal style.

For example, I might have a bride who wants a more formal, sleek wedding, so I choose blooms that include orchids or calla lilies. Or if a bride desires a touch of whimsy, then I’ll be sure to include ranunculus and tulips.

With more than hundreds of varieties to choose from, figuring out what suits you best can be overwhelming. Having a hard time deciding what selections to include in your arrangements? Take the Confero floral quiz to find out what flower fits your personality!

1. At which of the following home décor stores are you most likely shopping?

o   Z-Gallerie (3)

o   West Elm (4)

o   Crate and barrel (1)

o   Pottery Barn (2)

2. What can you be found doing on a Sunday afternoon?

o   Listening to records (4)

o   Shopping at my favorite boutiques (3)

o   Enjoying brunch with friends and family (2)

o   Going on a hike (1)

3. What’s your favorite vacation spot?

o   Paris—nothing quite beats the city of love (3)

o   Portland—its quirkiness is what keeps you coming back (4)

o   Charleston—the sweet charm of this Southern city (2)

o   Napa Valley—wine and a Californian sunset are all you need (1)

4. Your Celebrity style icon?

o   Jennifer Aniston (1)

o   Reese Witherspoon (2)

o   Olivia Palermo (3)

o   Zooey Deschanel (4)

5. Your dream venue location is?

o   An art gallery (4)

o   A rustic barn (2)

o   A ballroom of a five-star hotel (3)

o   A yacht club (1)

6. What is your favorite romantic comedy?

o   Sweet Home Alabama (2)

o   How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (1)

o   500 Days of Summer (4)

  Breakfast at Tiffany’s (3)

If you picked mostly 1s: Your goal is to look effortlessly put together. It might sound like a paradox to some, but it’s absolutely a classic feel that’s possible to achieve with the right floral choices. That’s why tulips or orchids are your go-to for the arrangements. Not only do they add dimension with their shape, but structure as well without becoming too overbearing.

If you picked mostly 2s: You prefer to stay true to your roots, and nostalgia plays a hand in most of your choices. Fill your arrangements with sunflowers and hydrangeas. These blooms are the epitome of a Southern springtime. They add volume in colors almost as sweet as your nana’s lemonade.

If you picked mostly 3s: Oh, you fancy! You prefer the best things in life and won’t mind to splurge for the English garden roses or peonies. These fragrant, petal-packed flowers make a statement both in the pops of color and essence. They are my go-to blooms for any client who desires an extravagant soiree.

If you picked mostly 4s: You’re never afraid to go with the offbeat option. You want your arrangements to have that “just picked” look, so opt for ranunculus or dahlias. When paired with more greenery, these flowers give off a whimsical, charming tone.

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