Gatsby Girls

“Can’t repeat the past?… Why of course you can!”
F. Scott Fitzgerald

The future of fashion truly lies in the past as retro revivals
are all the rage this new year. A vivid image of the Jazz
Age, that pre-Depression moment of unholy hedonism
and drunken frolics, as hopped-up flappers plunge into the
fountain outside the Plaza Hotel in New York, is one of the
most defining decades of the season.

Channeling the extravagant wealth and style of the era,
frocks are sexily sequined and fantastically fringed.
Dazzling dresses are modern versions of those revolutionary
styles of the iconic decade. Exquisite embellishments,
dropped waists, over-the-top fur scarves, collars and beaded
head-pieces would do a flapper proud.

Produced and Styled by Mindi Shapiro Levine
Photography by Chuck St John

Photography Assistant Eric deJuan
Video by Hunter Cressall
Styling Assistant Carrie Roach
Styling Assistant Brett Levine
Make up by Angela King and Kat Flynt
Hair by Mark Hyde and Benji Bishop from Salon U
Model Ashley Hall as Jordan
Model Jacki Clay as Daisy
Model Angela King as Zelda

Jordan Bryan Emerson silk dress, Betsy Prince, $483 Moyna mesh-beaded shrug, Betsy Prince, $99 Janet & Janet suede shoes, Gus Mayer, $305 NYC feathered headband, Betsy Prince, $28 Round bead cluster ring, Private Gallery, $14 CZ flower bracelet, Private Gallery, $18.50 Zelda Sue Wong illusion ruffle gown, Saks, $820 Menbur blush-pink peep toe heels, Gus Mayer, $125 Ivory ladder scarf, Gus Mayer, $48 Deepa pink beaded headband, Gus Mayer, $60 Louise Abroms crystal dangle earrings, Betsy Prince, $75 Circle bangle, Private Gallery, $36.50 Wide CZ Ring, Private Gallery, $14 Daisy Tadashi Shoji mesh ruched sequined gown, Saks, $448 Sacha London pewter peep toe heels, Gus Mayer, $110 Deepa silver beaded headband, Gus Mayer, $48 Shalla Wista crystal gold clip earrings, Betsy Prince, $200 On sofa: White knit poncho, Gus Mayer, $695

Daisy 4LoveandLiberty floral print dress, Betsy Prince, $297 Ambre Babzoe pink boa, Betsy Prince, $157 Coclico pink suede shoes with gold studs, Gus Mayer, $365 Purple leather gloves, Gus Mayer, $110 Tassle necklace, Private Gallery, $26 Pearl and silver necklace, Private Gallery, $18.50 Clover ring, Private Gallery, $36.80 Ivory floral socks, Betsy Prince, $14 Jordan Missoni knit dress, Saks, $795 Nougat lavender cashmere cardigan, Gus Mayer, $185 Chie Mihara grape suede shoes, Gus Mayer, $375 Louise Abroms blush earrings, Betsy Prince, $65 Rhinestone necklace, Private Gallery, $10 Round bead cluster ring, Private Gallery, $14 Black floral socks, Betsy Prince, $14 Zelda Komorov dress with beaded neckline, Betsy Prince, $412 Hoss pink suede peep toe heels, Betsy Prince, $302 Multi-bangle set in pink and gold, Private Gallery, $18

Jordan Parker Ikat beaded blouse, Saks, $308 Peter Cohen silk dress, Betsy Prince, $726 Salpy peeptoe slingbacks, Betsy Prince, $380 Silver buckle bracelet, Private Gallery, $24 Square Filigree Ring, Private Gallery, $10 Zelda Madison Marcus “Gatsby” beaded dress, Gus Mayer, $365 Bolero Jacket with beaded arm detail, Gus Mayer, $285 Art deco patterned clutch, Gus Mayer, $198 Latitude Femme suede shoes, Gus Mayer, $235 Calleen Cordero leather cuff with metal studs, Betsy Prince, $138 Daisy Komorov grey pleated dress, Betsy Prince, $360 Sequin short bolero sweater, Saks, $215 Marchez Vous leather cutout slingbacks, Betsy Prince, $395 Multi-strand necklace, Betsy Prince, $72 Multi-strand Hematite bracelet, Private Gallery, $29.50

Daisy Laundry contrast halter dress with satin bow, Saks, $225 Salpy black suede sandals, Betsy Prince, $472 Multi-bangle in gold, Private Gallery, $18 Louise Abroms gold earring, Betsy Prince, $65 Flower beaded clutch, Gus Mayer, $285 Jordan Biya black racer-back dress, Betsy Prince, $341 Chie Mahari purple suede heels, Gus Mayer, $390 Louise Abroms gold and black earrings, Betsy Prince, $75 Rhinestone necklace, Private Gallery, $10 Top Hat, Mr Burch Formal Wear Zelda Black classic notch tuxedo tails, Mr Burch Formal Wear White three-button vest, Mr Burch Formal Wear Alice+Olivia Arie tie neck blouse, Saks, $264 Joie lace pants, Saks, $268 Chie Marahi gold dot shoe, Betsy Prince, $370 Multi-stone ring, Private Gallery, $14 White ring, Private Gallery, $18.60 Top hat, Mr Burch Formal

With Thanks to:

*Betsy Prince
608 Brookwood Village
Birmingham, AL

*Gus Mayer
225 Summit Blvd
Birmingham, AL

*Mr Burch Formal Wear
2829 Cahaba Road,
Birmingham, Al

*Private Gallery
211 Summit Blvd
Birmingham, AL

129 Summit Blvd
Birmingham, Al

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  1. Karess Miner says:

    As a makeup artist I have had the opportunity to work with B-metro as well as with Chuck St. John. I have always been impressed with both of their work. Once again, I am very pleased with this story and shoot!! Cannot wait until my next opportunity arrises to collaborate with you both and more 🙂

    Karess Miner

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