Happy New You


(Out with the Old–In with the New)

By Sunny Brown

Welcome to 2020! It’s time for a new year, a new decade, a fresh start, and a whole new you! If you spent the last few months of the last year doing all of your holiday shopping online, or just found yourself making more and more of your everyday purchases on the Internet this past year, now might be the perfect time to create a new identity for yourself.

Every day I read or hear about another security breach where millions of people’s personal data has been compromised or stolen. And, often times the victims do not even become aware of it until it’s too late with all of their bank accounts drained, their online access frozen, and they are locked out of their own lives, completely taken over by hackers. Does this frighten you? Are you worried about becoming a victim of Identity Theft? Well, I’m not! And, I’ll tell you why:

I Am a Woman Over 50—no one wants to be me!

And now you don’t have to be worried either.

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