Haute Halloween

It’s just fashion.

By Heidi Elnora

It’s time to pull out your long-sleeve shirts, skinny jeans, boots and skull bracelets. This is my all-time favorite outfit to wear in my all-time favorite month — October.

There is something so special about the month of October. The sky seems bluer. The wind has a hint of spice. The colors of the trees inspire you to build a bonfire, roast marshmallows and spend time outdoors with close family and friends. It’s just so magical to me. I start researching Halloween costumes online about mid-June to see what the big trends are for the upcoming season.

Sadly, I am usually the first person to visit Party City or the Halloween store to put me in the right spirit for the upcoming festivities. At first, my husband thought that I was really weird — my obsession with Halloween and all.  Yet, he has grown to understand me and that there will be a minimum of three costume changes each year. That the “Monster Mash,” my all-time favorite song, will play on repeat in my car for the entire month of October, and that “punkin” Jack will wear his glow-in-the-dark skeleton PJs almost every night. Some girls like diamonds; I like pumpkins. Oh, and speaking of “punkin” Jack, he probably has more Halloween costumes at the ripe age of two than most adults will have their entire Halloween career.

As for Halloween traditions, we always watch Hocus Pocus, carve a pumpkin and go to only one scary movie at the theaters.  I do not like haunted houses, and the idea of being scared scares me. I tried it one time. I literally had my eyes closed the entire time and my head buried in my husband’s 52” chest. Good thing he’s a big guy. There’s more room to block the monsters.

So what’s the trend for costumes this year? Single women between the ages of 18 and 30 are going with the traditional costume and dressing like a hoochey momma. Whether you wear a super-skimpy skirt and pretend to be a sweet, little girl scout or just go all out and dress like a “Girl Next Door,” aka a Playboy bunny, it’s just what you do.  It’s the one night a good girl can pretend to be bad. Sexy monsters are really popular this year with the furry boots and fuzzy headpieces. They are super-cute and will keep you somewhat warmer than the bunny get-up. As for guys, look to the movies for your inspiration. A vampire will always be in style. There is something so mysterious and intriguing about a guy with fangs who sleeps in a coffin and can turn into a bat. I mean, seriously, you can’t beat that. As for little ones, it’s characters from their favorite shows.  We currently love Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story and Diego. So no matter if you are a first-time trick-or-treater or a Halloween-aholic like me, enjoy the holiday. When else in your normal life can you wear fangs while visiting people you don’t know, ask them to smell your feet and give you something good to eat, and threaten to pull down their underwear? I’m just saying.

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