Eat This: Jackson’s Bar and Bistro’s Shrimp & Grits

By Jan Walsh   Photography by Beau Gustafson


Jackson’s Bar and Bistro offers shrimp and grits, New Orleans style—or not.  The dish includes Andouille sausage atop three cheese grits. But if you prefer less New Orleans flavors, the same dish is offered without the sausage.

Not me. Bring it on. The shrimp and grits arrive steaming with tempting aromas filling the table and assuring me that I made a good entrée choice. The pasta bowl style plate is brimming with a broth along the edges with a large mountain of white, creamy stone ground grits in the center. They are covered in large pink, shrimp along with slices of Andouille and chopped red peppers, garlic butter, and beer—adding a “Wow!” factor to the flavor profile of this shrimp and grits dish.

And I pair the shrimp and grits with a Cranberry Cobbler cocktail. This drink served on the rocks in a lowball glass, is red in color and is garnished with a mint leaf and three cranberries. The cocktail is made of gin, muddled cranberries, and sherry. Each sip is tangy, piquant, and boasts intense cranberry flavors—adding a delightful acidity to the shrimp.

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