Legacy in the Sky

Steven Allen, Sr., Steven Allen, Jr., Allen Reid

Aviation and the majestic beauty of flight gets in your blood. Much more than a business, it is a special fraternity, a legacy of professionalism and excitement.

Steven Allen, Jr. understands the legacy, responsibility and thrill of being in the aviation business.

His father, Steven Allen, Sr., started the family’s aviation business, Premier Group, Inc., 46 years ago. Last year, he passed the business on to his son, Steven, who purchased this unique family legacy.

Premier Group is Alabama’s only true aircraft dealer, buying, selling and trading all sizes and brand of aircraft using their own funding. They also specialize in complex multi aircraft trades. “We have a wholesale and retails sales network,” Steven says. “We sell about 50 percent retail and 50 percent wholesale to other broker and dealers.”

After 46 years in aviation, the company prides itself on its ability to deliver a very simple turn key solution to even the most demanding of clients, and delivering a product in 50 percent less time than their competitors. “We utilize our own suite of aircraft to serve our clients quickly and expeditiously, while also extending the use of our inventory and aircraft to them at a member rate.”

Aviation is a challenging industry. “I consider every deal a success story,” Steven says. “I typically enjoy the most difficult deals, the ones all of my competitors say we can never accomplish.” Certainly the business has a “never a dull moment” feel to it. “I have encountered many captains of industry, celebrities, political officials, and worked with a multitude of foreign governments; the stories I have at times don’t even seem real to me. And I lived them,” Steven says.

The Allen Family.

While it is demanding, the aviation business is also perfect for the needs of Steven and his family, which includes his wife Heather and four children, Tripp, Ava Kathryn, Jett and the newest baby, Pierce. “We are a very close family, even homeschooling our four children so we can travel together and never miss out on one another’s lives. When we are not in the light of work and travel, we enjoy spending quality time with one another at our family plantation,” he says.

Every day, Steven keeps the thought of legacy in mind. “A strong reputation for producing, closing and taking care of my clients after the sale is what continues our legacy. The legacy Steve Allen, Sr. handed down to me will be carefully passed to the next generation of Allen aviators,” he says.

That business requires the kind of careful planning and execution that comes from decades of experience. “The playing field changes daily, by the hour. The intensity of aircraft sales is intoxicating. Every transaction truly requires exceptional performance and the ability to think 20 steps and five years ahead,” Steven says.

One of the strategic moves Steven has made is the partnership he formed with Global Jet Aviation. That company was founded 43 years ago by Guy Adams, a pilot who saw the promise of the aviation business. Today GJA has a huge footprint in the industry.

The company specializes in aircraft acquisitions and listings, says GJA’s Allen Reid. GJA also offers aircraft consulting for first time buyers, as well as extensive aviation mechanical background with employees who are A&P licensed mechanics, Allen says.

The Texas-based firm measures success by longevity and the quality of the companies they conduct business with. Working with Premier Group is an example of being affiliated with great companies, Allen says.

“Together we have accomplished great things and have set a foundation that will continue to add chapters in the success book for generations to come,” he says.

The Reid Family

Allen lives and works in San Antonio, Texas, where he and his wife of 15 years, Laura, are raising two sons, Bradley and Lance. “We are a very outdoors and sports minded family. Both of our boys are active in football, baseball, basketball and enjoy hunting and fishing as well,” he says.

Just like Steven Allen, Jr., Allen Reid often thinks about his work and family in terms of legacy. “Legacy in aviation to me is leaving behind something that was once a dream, that turned into a thought, then into a passion, and finally a dream come true. It is something for my family to look back upon, especially my boys, and say our dad lived his aviation dream,” Allen says.

For Allen, the partnership between GJA and Premier Group is a legacy-building enterprise. “When you take two great business minded people, combined with the love and support from their family and unite the two together, you create something very special that is forever lasting,” Allen says. “Steven Allen Jr. always says ‘if you can’t have fun doing this, then you should not be doing it at all.’ That’s a true story.”



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