Eat This: Maki Fresh’s Maki Mini Burgers

Maki Mini Burgers

By Jan Walsh   

Photography by Beau Gustafson


Think Maki Fresh is just for sushi lovers? Think about two mini burgers and a side of onion rings. Maki Fresh’s regular patrons discovered the burgers long ago, as they are one of the restaurant’s most popular dishes.

Two Maki Mini Burgers arrive piping hot. These baby burgers are enhanced by a touch of Maki’s spicy sauce, katsu—Asian barbecue sauce—and a pile of house made pickles. Presented beside the burgers are a serving of Maki’s handmade onion rings. I am an onion ring addict, and these tempura battered, fried to a crisp, golden brown onion rings are the best I have ever tasted. Now I have a new place to grab a burger—and rings.


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