My BHAM: Scott Register

Scott Register—“Reg” to his friends and fans—is the host of two popular radio shows, “Reg’s Coffee House” and “The Morning Blend” on Birmingham Mountain Radio 107.3. Widely considered the hometown aficionado of alternative music, Register is also the head of A&R (artists and repertoire) for Think Indie Distribution, a music distribution company founded by the Coalition of Independent Music Stores.

Here are a few of Register’s personal thoughts about the best places, things, and characteristics of Birmingham.

What are some of your favorite spots for hanging out with the family?

With two teens, a one-year-old and a veterinarian wife, our family tends to be constantly going in different directions. When we do finally come together, it’s usually around a dinner table or at a soccer field. A few of our favorite spots to grab a bite together are the Diplomat Deli, Avondale Common House, Moe’s BBQ and Taziki’s.

Do you have a favorite local spot to shop for unusual or special gifts?

Some of my favorite local shops to find unusual and special gifts are Levy’s Fine Jewelry, Alabama Goods and Yellowhammer Creative.

What’s your favorite breakfast in town?

Don’t get to eat breakfast much since I’m on the air six mornings a week but when I do, I always love Bogue’s.

If you had an unexpected day off, with no responsibilities at all, how do you think you might spend it?

Sleeping…definitely sleeping. OK, that’s too easy. I’ll try again. At a lake house sleeping in a hammock.

What’s the best thing about living in Birmingham?

My favorite thing about living in Birmingham is its Little Engine That Could attitude. We’re constantly told we can’t do this and we can’t do that and we’re constantly proving them all wrong.

Any other favorites you’d like to mention?

Hmmm, other favorites…

Favorite new hang—Brat Brot (a new biergarten in the Lakeview district)

Favorite way to spend an afternoon—Hopping around our fantastic brewery scene

Favorite Birminghamsters—“Morning Blend with Reg & Will,” “Reg’s Coffee House” and Birmingham Mountain Radio listeners.

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