No More Santa

I carry a child for 9 months, then I go through the whole birthing process. I nurse, and change and bathe and feed and burp and once a year, people give them presents for “making it” another year on this earth. That part being absolutely fine by me.
But then, once a year, everything starts to slow down. Businesses return fewer phone calls, banks operate at odd hours, and my child support check takes an additional week to find it’s way to me. My children, for some odd reason, are revved up with party after party. Endless amounts of red and green “magic”, fueled by the things to come — in a month, that is.

Then, in a sugared daze, they are released from the one thing that separates sane time for me and parenting.

Released from school for a month.

I’m expected to keep up this tradition during their time away from their teachers. To spoon feed my children absolute garbage about a pretend man who breaks into their home and leaves so many gifts that their playspace is over run. Someone who eats their newly baked cookies, drinks their milk and leaves. Meanwhile, all the parents are to scramble for their backup funds and emergency credit cards and pound the proverbial pavements of the local mall – along with 46 million other people at the same time and for the same item.

We fuss to ourselves about how stressed this time of year is. As I’ve stated in my last 2 posts, it’s worth it. Family is worth it. The part I’m having trouble with is the fictitious parts.

Why is some ghostly fat man “giving” to my children. Why are they not hugging me and being thankful for a few perfectly selected presents? Which, by the way, I will have room for and the old toys, the ones not broken and with all the correct parts, are tossed aside. Where is he when my Discover card bill comes in?

What is with the insane over spending, over indulging and magical lies we stuff into our kids for an entire month?

I propose we oust this Santa person, whoever he may be, and start to celebrate each other, or if you’d rather, Christmas. Perhaps if we did so, our children would appreciate the time of year, the traditions and of course, the being out of school way more than the magic lies. Less Santa and more family is all I think they need.

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