Eat This: On Tap Sports Café’s Angus Burger

By Jan Walsh  Photography by Beau Gustafson

Tired of wimpy burgers that leave you asking, “Where’s the beef?” Try On Tap Sports Café’s $20 Burger.

This whopping burger stacks two half-pound patties of Angus beef. Hot melted Swiss and American cheeses and an unexpected crisp hash brown patty lies in between. And it does not stop there. Inside there are also several crisp strips of bacon, crisp lettuce, fresh tomato and On Tap’s queso.

The burger is presented with a steak knife stuck in the top of the bun, with dill pickles and peppers surrounding the knife. And a hearty portion of crisp, hot French Fries surrounds the burger. The burger is cooked to order—medium well. I slice it like a cake and eat it in pieces. Creamy, crisp and juicy textures synthesize into one wonderful Angus beef cheeseburger. Bring your appetite!

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