One on One: Jill Marlar and Haley Young

Building a business out of what you love was a big part of this month’s edition of One on One.

Oct One on OnePhotos by Beau Gustafson

After graduating from UAB in 1995 in early childhood education, Jill Marlar began teaching at a private school. She has been employed part-time at Independent Presbyterian Day School for 17 years. “In 1999, I began teaching after-school music classes there and incorporated my business, Music Makers. My business began to expand to Highlands School in Mountain Brook,” she explains. “Back then, I was only teaching music classes, but over the years I have developed classes around my talents which include art, music, and drama. At one point I was teaching close to 100 children per week between both schools four days per week and doing summer workshops.”

Marlar’s business still revolves around after-school enrichment classes, but her own art has become a major part of her life and work. She specializes in an art form known as intaglio etching. Her well-known Birmingham Landmark Series features eight original etchings of historic Birmingham landmarks. A gallery opening at Naked Art Gallery in June featured 17 original new works of Birmingham landmarks. “I believe in my city and use my art as a way to reflect and preserve what is important to the community,” she says. “I consider myself very lucky in that I wake up each day and do the things that make me the most fulfilled. I teach children to love the arts whether it’s through drama, visual art, or music. Each day is always different and the most exciting part is after 17 years of teaching, from time to time, I get to watch some of my former students blossom into doing what they love. That is a gift.” Marlar and her husband, James Little, have a two-year-old daughter, Ruby.

Haley Young quickly built a following in the fitness industry after graduating from Auburn University with a degree in health promotion and business administration and moving to Birmingham in 2008. At the age of 24, Young opened Studio Fitness, a private personal training studio. Young believes that by practicing moderation through diet and exercise, any woman can achieve her fitness goals. She has a talent for building personal relationships and structuring individual programs that work best for every woman’s lifestyle.

“Each person is different, and has an incredible story,” Young says. “It’s not just about fitness and working out. It is about finding out who you are and how you can be the best you can be in all areas of life. Fitness is one way that helps tie all of this together.” Young is known in Birmingham for her knowledge of women’s bodies during pregnancy. Her Fit-Pregnancy Workouts guide women step by step through each trimester.

Last year, Young was asked to be a part of BRAVO’s new series, Jersey Belle. Jersey Belle is a story about how a New Jersey mom, wife, and publicist tries to fit it all in while adapting to “Southern ways.” The reality show’s star, Jaime Sullivan, a New Jersey native living in Alabama, hired Young to help her stay fit with her busy schedule. Young appears on the first season episodes and BRAVO follows her as she launches


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