One on One

People. Talking.

This month our one on one conversation brought us a discussion full of insight into the many ways we find a path through life. We chose two men who spend their working lives leading others to discover truths about themselves. In short, we went deep with these two guys.

At the very core of his being, John Scalici is a drummer. Scalici is an award winning teaching artist, internationally recognized drum circle facilitator, musician, and speaker. His message of using rhythm to inspire, empower, and motivate has been featured at college campuses, corporate events, churches, festivals, and classrooms across the United States and Japan. John and Get Rhythm! design and facilitate Interactive Rhythm Programs for team building, education, leadership development, diversity awareness and community building.

“Music has always called to me. Drumming speaks to me in many different ways. It is energizing and relaxing at the same time,” says Scalici.

Martial Arts Master John A. Fey specializes in ancient Chinese health practices. He is the creator of the New Forest® Way, a modern paradigm of therapeutic exercise for survivors of stroke and traumatic brain injury (TBI). While originally designed for special needs clients, New Forest® has proven to be a wildly effective and enjoyable exercise approach for everyone, regardless of personal gifts or deficits. A renowned expert in East Asian art and philosophy, Fey is also a gifted musician, author and Chinese calligrapher. He has been teaching for 40 years. His New Forest Center for Contemplative Living, which teaches T’ai Chi, meditation and Qigong (the Chinese philosophy and practice of aligning breath, physical activity and awareness).

“The exciting thing for me is to make these ancient arts accessible to a wider audience. In this world, 500 oral traditions die every day. I am dedicated to preserving this ancient knowledge,” Fey says.

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  1. john scalici says:

    Nice one! I really enjoyed doing this interview with John Fey.
    Thanks Beau!

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