One on One: Morgan Berney and Chad Whitlock


Photo by Beau Gustafson
Written by Katie Turpen

Birmingham is a melting pot of brands and hobbies. Whether you call yourself a car lover, outdoor enthusiast, or craft beer snob, there is truly a niche for all. We brought together two local professionals who are sharing their brand with the community while learning what it means to call this city home.

Meet Morgan Berney

The iron man looking over the Magic City plays a big role in Morgan Berney’s life. As Vulcan Park and Museum’s director of marketing and public relations, she connects the surrounding community with Vulcan through advertising, social media, and brand awareness. Her background in education and tourism fuels her passion for a job she feels is a perfect fit.

Meet Chad Whitlock

Perhaps you’ve watched car restoration television shows such as Overhaulin’ or Fast N’ Loud where old cars are given new life in a single episode. Chad Whitlock is restoring cars right here in Birmingham and can assure you there’s more to the process than seen on television. In February, he opened Boneyard Builds, where he and his team do automotive restoration with a focus on hot rods and muscle cars.

What is your favorite part of what you do?

Berney: We recently celebrated the 3rd Annual Vulcan Community Awards, which highlight people throughout the region whose actions have had a significant impact on the community. It was such a humbling experience. There are so many people doing great things locally, and it was an honor to be a part of it.

Whitlock: We like when younger people come in wanting to restore an old car that they have an emotional connection to. It’s cool for us to see what’s motivating people to have restorations done.

Since you are both not from Birmingham originally, what is your impression of living here?

Berney: I love that here in Birmingham it’s all about local businesses. I enjoy going down to 2nd Avenue to restaurants such as El Barrio and Bamboo on 2nd and also checking out the music activities throughout the area.

Whitlock: My wife and I call Birmingham our home even though we’ve only been here about six and a half years. I’m a craft beer snob, so I love going to all the different breweries such as Trim Tab, Good People, and Cahaba and seeing how they each have their own take on it.

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