One on One: Rachel Callahan and Brandon Watkins

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Birmingham’s renaissance has sent a wave of pride into the local community. Whether it’s a breathtaking photo of a sunset over Railroad Park or a locally made T-shirt bearing a red heart that reads, “Heart of Dixie,” it’s the small things that make us appreciate the place we call home. This month, we brought together a local blogger and designer. Here’s a taste of the full conversation you’ll find online.

Meet Rachel Callahan

Callahan loves taking pictures of Birmingham skylines and sunsets. All proceeds of the photos she sells go to the WellHouse, a local organization providing support to victims of human trafficking. She also runs a blog,, where she writes about homeschooling, crafting, fashion, and more.

Meet Brandon Watkins

Walking around town, you may spot a “It’s Nice To Have You in Birmingham” T-shirt. Meet one of its creators, Brandon Watkins. “I still get giddy when I see someone in a shirt I made,” he says. He is the co-owner of Yellowhammer Creative, a local design and print studio offering an array of services including wedding invitations, posters, web development, garment printing, and brand development.

How did you get into your current job?

Callahan: Three years ago, I was going through a rough illness. One day, my husband took me outside for a walk to make me feel better, and I took a beautiful picture of a sunset. From then on my husband made a crazy effort to find more places to take sunset pictures. Nine months later, I had taken hundreds of pictures, and today that number is in
the thousands.

Watkins: My partner, Brett Forsyth, and I started Yellowhammer in 2009 as a means to produce concert posters. We both had other jobs at the time. Today, the shop has grown to the point we are almost overwhelmed with requests. The company is currently located in Avondale but is getting ready to move to The Pizitz building, where we are also working on the site’s branding.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Callahan: I love it down here. It’s great to see Birmingham changing, and I’m happy to support the positivity.

Watkins: We remember that shift when people were starting to say they were proud to be from Birmingham, and since then, Birmingham-themed things have gotten really popular. We’re glad to be part of it.


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