One on One: Whitlee Mullis and Bill Bouloukos

This month’s conversation pairs food and hospitality with web design and style. Things, which in the end, seem to go together naturally.  

One on One April 14 BMetro

Photos by Beau Gustafson

Whitlee Mullis is a graphic designer, creative strategist, and self-proclaimed typeface fanatic. Her mission is to make brands look beautiful, but she also concentrates on functionality and simplicity.

Understanding what it takes to make a small business stand out, Whitlee Mullis Graphic Design takes a fresh approach to giving a company a personality,  working closely with clients in order to combine different ideas and styles into one special and cohesive product. Design isn’t just a degree; it’s what drives her, what makes her heart tick, and what plays in her head nearly 24 hours a day. Finding inspiration from all parts of life—good and bad, intricate and simple, tangible and intangible—Mulliss’s ultimate goal is to guide people creatively and to raise awareness of the importance of good design.

Vassilli “Bill” Bouloukos is happy. Why shouldn’t he be? After more than 20 years in the restaurant and catering business, his Happy Catering team is playing at the top of their game, and Bouloukos with infectious smile and personality to match is having fun.

Growing up in a Greek immigrant restaurant family From New York to a move to East Tennessee when he was 12, Bouloukos naturally gravitated to the food business. But after college at the University of Tennessee, he went to work for NCR, servicing the Bruno’s supermarket account here. When the company wanted to move him to Ohio, Bouloukos chose Birmingham, the adopted city he had come to love.

He moved into the restaurant business, purchasing Andy’s on the Green, opening Slap Happy casual dining locations, The Pioneer on the Green, Tortellini Market and Grill  and starting The Happy Catering Company. Bouloukos and his business partner, Robbie Dyson, now focus exclusively on the catering business from a recently expanded Homewood offices and commissary, operating with over 30 employees, a dozen vans and great food, floral and design for all occasions from corporate events and weddings to everything in between.


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