One on One: Lindsey Petras and Danny Winter

It’s no secret that Birmingham boasts unique restaurants and historic landmarks; however, the city’s heart and soul is best glimpsed inside its neighborhoods.

One on One

In these pockets, you’ll find neighbors engaging with one another, whether on a pet play date or over a cup of coffee. We brought together two business owners establishing themselves in these local communities: Danny Winter, owner of Crestwood Coffee and Buck Mulligan’s Irish Pub, and Dr. Lindsey Petras, owner and head veterinarian at Grants Mill Animal Hospital.

Petras had a good feeling when she chose the Irondale community as the place to open her animal hospital in April 2014. “It’s a great up-and-coming area that is very supportive of local businesses,” she says. Petras has had a lifelong love for animals, always knowing she wanted to become a veterinarian. She grew up in Birmingham and currently lives on a farm in Springville with her family, including her husband and two daughters, four dogs, three cats, two horses, one pony, and two miniature donkeys.

Grants Mill Animal Hospital is a full-service animal hospital offering everything from dentistry to vaccinations to surgery. Whether she’s taking care of a 200-pound Great Dane or a “pocket pet,” Petras treats each of her patients like they are one of her own.

For Winter, a Louisiana native, owning one small business turned into two. He bought Crestwood Coffee five and a half years ago, back when many Crestwood houses were on the market. Today, the area has grown into a friendly neighborhood with Crestwood Coffee established as a central part of this special niche. “If you sit long enough you might just see everyone from Birmingham come in,” Winter says. Winter’s newest venture is Buck Mulligan’s Irish Pub, which opened in the former Black Market Bar & Grill space in Five Points in June of 2015. Winter describes his restaurant as “unconventional,” serving traditional Irish food in addition to typical pub fare. The name comes from a character in James Joyce’s Ulysses and you’ll find homage to the literary reference inside the restaurant.

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