Personal Space: Tanveer Patel

A one-on-one conversation with Tech CEO Tanveer Patel

Every call is different. Every patient is different. But due to the software and vision of ConcertCare and its founder and CEO Tanveer Patel, the connection between quality healthcare and people in need of medical help is clear as a bell. Tanveer’s business acumen—and her expertise in growing companies, managing risk and developing international relationships—are keystones to ensuring ConcertCare’s long-term commitment to its clients, and to the excellence of its services.

B-Metro: What is the history of ConcertCare?

Patel: I co-founded the telemedicine and software company in 2012 with healthcare executive David Marshall and James Childs, Jr., chairman of Bradley Ventures, a cross-disciplinary team of attorneys focused on representing the full spectrum of participants in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. My previous company CircleSource, which she started and grew to 100 employees and sold in 2010, was also in the healthcare services industry. The future of telemedicine is very bright.

B-Metro: What is the customer base for Concert Care?

Patel: We have basically two buckets—one is hospitals and physician practices, the other are partner companies who serve the healthcare market. Those partner companies could be a chronic-care company and we work with them. We could have an EMR company where we embed our telemedicine software within their services and product lines.

B-Metro: What is the growth pattern that you are seeing with the company?

Patel: The company is growing in the telemedicine space as a software services company. We have a tech enabled software company with professional services wrapped around our products. So we are looking at growing both by acquisition and organically. There are several options for us on the table. ConcertCare is a global company headquartered in Birmingham with offices in India and the UK and customers all around the globe. When looking to expand ConcertCare globally, I turned to India. I grew up in India, I know the culture. And because of this, taking the business into India made sense for us. Now the U.S. itself is ripe for expansion.

B-Metro: Talk a little about your involvement in the community?

Patel: Along with our business our value is in giving back to the community. That is not something we just put on a web site, we live it. We are implementing a free healthcare clinic in Birmingham and Jasper, as a philanthropy effort.

As a leader, it is always at the back of my mind, that you are responsible for so many people and their families. I’m always thinking how can I help my employees, my partners, and customers achieve their goals individually and within the company. Think about others before you think about yourself. Servant leadership is so rewarding.

You should always do something where you make a difference. Don’t run after money. Solve problems, do the right thing and money will follow you. Think of how you can be game-changing, disruptive and different. Change the way people operate—that’s very cool

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