Picking the bests of the season

By Luke Robinson

Ahhh, September. There’s no other month quite like it. It doesn’t have July’s sweltering heat, February’s clingy-ness, April’s showers or December’s greed.

September is everything you could want in a 30-day time period. It is the calendar version of a reverse mullet: It has the fresh, flowing scent of summer on the front end with the cool signature business breezes of the fall on the backside.

There is even a holiday in September that provides a long weekend while not forcing us to buy a Hallmark card at the last second. And, of course, there’s football; the sport of the Gods.

Because it is football season, that means it is time for my annual college football predictions.

Last year, I was wayyyyy off on most every single one of my prognostications EXCEPT my call that ‘Bama and Clemson would play for the title. Seriously, I think I was like 1 for 6 on my predictions. That sucks like Dracula’s pool skimmer. However, that also probably means I am due to kick major ass this year.

So, pack your bags, cash out your 401K’s and head to a state that has enough sense to legalize sports betting so you can load up on these sure-fire cod-locks below (Editor’s note: B-Metro discourages gambling based on this writer’s picks; if anything, go against him!):

SEC Champion:

Alabama. Part of me really wants to say it is Georgia’s time to shine. That part of me is stupid. While ‘Bama has a few questions, all of those questions can be answered with 10 simple letters: T-A-G-O-V-A-I-L-O-A. Considering the receiving talent around the Tide’s Hawaiian wunderkind, I just don’t know if anyone in the conference can give Alabama a loss. Sure, at this point it is cliché and lazy to predict ‘Bama wins the SEC crown. But laziness is where I am a Viking.

SEC Offensive Player of the Year (not named Tua Tagovailoa division): Kellen Mond, Texas A&M. Imma be honest here: I hate this pick. There are other viable candidates that seem to make more sense like Jake Fromm or Jake Bentley. However, I cannot get the image of Mond’s long run against Alabama’s defense last year out of my head. Couple his ground game with what will surely be an improved passer rating under coach Jimbo Fisher’s guidance and Mond is going to be a star in the league this season. Plus, the Aggies have a very solid receiver group to boot which will help Mond’s maturation.

SEC Defensive Player of the Year:

Grant Delpit, LSU. Death, taxes and LSU having a badass at safety are all life constants. Delpit led the SEC interceptions as a sophomore and I suspect he will do the same again. Meanwhile—especially in terms of safeties—Delpit racked up more sacks than the dumpster at the castration factory. In the 2020 draft, Delpit won’t be waiting long to hear his name called.

SEC Freshman of the Year:

Bo Nix, Auburn. Like a tree-hugging peeping Tom, I am going wayyy out on a limb here. Selecting Nix in this slot assumes the talented freshman quarterback is eventually named the starter over the more seasoned Joey Gatewood. Having called Nix twice in state title game wins, I believe he will take that gig. Besides, he is the son of a former AU legend (Pat Nix).

College Football Playoff Final Four:

Alabama, Michigan, Oklahoma and Clemson. Alabama and Clemson will just be here until further notice; deal with it. Those two programs are just too dang good to leave out. Oklahoma has the schedule and seasoned QB in former Tider Jalen Hurts to make another playoff run. Michigan… Well… I am stretching a bit on this one. But if the Wolverines can’t win the Big Ten and make the CFP this year, they may never do it. 

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