What I Learned from Remon Danforah

RemonBy Joe O’Donnell

Photo by Beau Gustafson

Remon Danforah came to Birmingham in the 1970s with a dream, an eye for quality, and a skill as a tailor learned from a very early age. What I have learned from Remon is that a seemingly modest set of attributes is actually enough to build a successful business.

Danforah stands in the middle of his men’s clothing store at The Summit, surrounded by racks and shelves of the finest in clothing. The things that make a man stylish—the shirts and suits and shoes that make him feel confident and comfortable—are all around.

Danforah had the vision and determination to create this oasis of style, and then he put in the hard work to make this vision a reality. “If there is one thing that makes a difference in life, it is understanding that you have to work at it every day,” he says.

“What really matters is the customer,” he continues. “How do they look in the clothes? How do they feel about the way they look? And how can you help them feel good? Because when you feel good, brother, there is nothing you can’t do.”

Merchandise from the finest men’s clothing labels have made Remon’s a destination for fine men’s wear, first at his store downtown and now at his place at The Summit. More casual clothing from labels like Southern Tide, State Traditions, Southern Point, and Scott Barber have rounded out the merchandise offerings at Remon’s, making his still-new store at The Summit a place for both the casual and the more formal dresser.

“What we find at The Summit is that we sell young men nice casual clothes when they are in school, and then they come back to us for the suits they need for work after they graduate,” Danforah says.

“You have to know your customer and understand what they need,” he says. “Then you can sell them exactly the right thing.”

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