Resolution Revolution

Christopher ConferoA better way to look at the year ahead. 

by Christopher Confero   


What I love so dearly about the beginning of a New Year is that, with the holidays behind me, I can take the proper time to reflect on the past year. I must say that 2014 has been one for the books both professionally and personally. It’s vital to have business goals set and while I do refer to them, I try to avoid adding stress by making New Year’s resolutions.

The word resolution has such a negative connotation, particularly in the context of New Year’s. Year after year, the act of setting goals like “lose 15 pounds” or “make more money” are put into place, but they quickly dissipate as you get back in the routine of comfort. Goals are important, but what’s more important is to remain intentional and forgiving with yourself. The “all or nothing” mentality doesn’t leave room for the small surprising accomplishments along the way, but that’s where the beauty in life lies. It would be ideal if life went according to my plan, but that’s just not realistic. However, I do make sure to do things as the New Year unfolds.



There’s just something about the end of the year that causes me to review my life like a movie. I try to pause on both the accomplishments and mishaps to see what I can learn. Asking myself questions like, “What did I do that worked? What needs tweaking?” as I continue to build my life and business. Usually, I end up with a smile on my face because the bumps that steered me away from what I had planned actually ended up being the biggest blessings. This reflection is essential after spending weeks with family and friends. I’m reminded of what’s truly important in my life, which brings me to my next point.



Now I don’t necessarily mean a cleanse to take care of diet, although we all can use one of those after the holidays. I want to stray away from this kind of short-term living. The holidays are filled with moments where we are filled with overabundance from food to gifts. It’s a grand celebration of life and it’s necessary to acknowledge, but I like to take the beginning of the year to go through what I own and make a decision of what materials are necessary in my life. I’ve learned that true happiness stems from gratefulness, not the other way around. For someone who works with magnificent events, I do like to keep it simple in my own life. It gives me peace.



Like I mentioned before, I’m not keen on short-term planning, but do believe in the power of setting an intention. Life isn’t known for catering to those precise, quantitative goals you set for yourself. I like to project a certain intention that I would like to incorporate in my life, not just the year. For example, “I would like to spend more time with friends.” This allows for grace in your life as well, for when you make hard-set goals like “must see Mom or friends X amount of times a month,” you judge yourself more harshly when the occasion arises that you must take a rain check. Instead, I like to project the intention to spend more time with loved ones as we all get older.

This process has not only fostered my personal progress, but professional growth as well. As you take the steps into 2015, I hope that you see it as full of possibilities and leave some room for road less taken.

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