Room with a view

Written and photographed by Graham Yelton

Chris Jones admits that when he bought his home in 2007, the house itself had nothing to do with it. The dated, hilltop home in Crestwood was full of linoleum, brass fixtures and small rooms. It was also full of structural problems. However, the home had one redeeming quality that can make a buyer go ga-ga: a view.

Jones, the owner of Bungalow Building Company, had been working on the revitalization of Crestwood for several years. His company gave an entire block of homes near 5th and 55th a much needed upgrade. Using his valuable connections and crew of workers, Chris set out to give his hilltop home the makeover it deserved. The house expanded in all directions. On one side of the house, the carport was transformed into the master bedroom, office and TV room. On the other side of the house, the galley kitchen doubled in size. Finally, the main living room went up. The crew added a second story open ceiling and added as many windows as possible. Once complete, the view could be seen from almost every corner of the house.

When it came to choosing materials, Jones was inspired by his love for the outdoors ,and he pulled from various rustic textures. The walls are mostly white-washed pine. The ceilings in the kitchen and dining room are wood with layers of chipping paint. They were salvaged from another renovation. Concrete counters are in several places throughout the house. There are even wood beams trimming out the dining room and bedroom. And the wood floors in the master bedroom and living room were painted a soothing bright white. One of the most interesting textures, is the tile in the bathroom. “It’s a porcelain tile. I loved how it looked like concrete formed by wood boards.”

When it came to colors and furnishings, Jones called in some help from local designer and shop owner, Barri Thompson. Her love for all things modern, was just what the house needed to balance out the rustic textures. With such an open floor plan, the color scheme needed to be cohesive and work throughout the house. Various shades of grays and pure white were the base colors of the palette. Jones admits that he was color shy and needed Barri to help bring some bolder color into the house. Inspired by the view, turquoise and bright yellow were added as a modern pop against all the natural tones. Mid-century inspired furniture nodded to the home’s original 1950s architecture.

Jones and his girlfriend Lee still have a list of things that they want to do to the home. There is an entire second floor in-law suite that needs attention, as well as the home exterior and back porch, which Chris has big plans for. There is talk of wallpaper and a fireplace makeover in the main living room. This builder’s home is definitely a labor of love, but at the end of the day, it’s all about the view.

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