Eat This: SAW’s Pork n’Greens

Savor-Saws-Soul-KitchenBy Jan Walsh

Photography by Beau Gustafson

SAW’s Soul Kitchen in Avondale is a popular “hole in the wall” for those who live or work in the neighborhood. Folks line up to the cash register to order from the large blackboard as soon as it opens. Today we were second in line, and soon folks were behind us, and out the door to get lunch from SAW’s. Their signature dish was suggested; we gladly opted for it and sat down at one of the few inside tables.

The Pork ‘nGreens is a colorful tower of flavors and textures. On top of a creamy bed of yellow grits are some of the best greens I have ever tasted. The greens are topped with tender, pulled pork shoulder drizzled in SAW’s sauce. The sauce runs down the tower into the grits, giving them a kick. And the crowning touch is a serving of crisp, fried onion rings—perfection.

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