Spectacular Sushi

Spectacular Sushi

Asian Rim Sushi Company creates a special roll just for you.

By Jan Walsh

Photography by Beau Gustafson

Making sushi is not something that many home cooks want to tackle. It takes skills that must be honed and ingredients that are not readily available. But if you are a sushi lover and want to make your own, here is a new, secret recipe for a roll that is not found on the menu at Asian Rim Sushi Company.

Or better yet you can order this secret dish, if you know the name, “The B-Metro Roll.” It is large enough to share and is priced at $35. For B-Metro readers and BirminghamRestaurants.com website visitors only! View Video at BirminghamRestaurants.com/Recipes.

Rice Ingredients:
3 Cups Japanese rice (short grain rice)
3 Cups water
Rice Procedure: Wash rice, and soak rice for 15 minutes. Drain water. Cook rice according to directions on package. Let rice sit for 15 minutes.

Vinegar Mixture Ingredients:
1 Pound Japanese rice vinegar
1 ¼ Cups of sugar
¼ Cup Salt
2 Teaspoons Mirin (Japanese sweet rice wine)
2 Teaspoons Sake (Japanese rice wine)
1 Sheet of Kombu (2” x 2”)

Vinegar Mixture Procedure: Mix all ingredients together in pot put on medium heat until boils. Remove from heat, and allow to cool. Mix the hot cooked rice with ¾ of a cup of cold rice vinegar. Let cool about 15 minutes. Then it ready to use. Refrigerate left over sushi rice vinegar.

Spicy Aioli Mixture Ingredients:
½ Cup mayonnaise
¼ Teaspoon paprika
1 Petal fresh garlic, chopped fine
2 Teaspoons butter
4 Teaspoons Half & Half
½ Teaspoon vegetable oil
1 ½ Teaspoons sugar
½ Teaspoon Sriracha chili sauce
Spicy Aioli Mixture Procedure: Saute garlic in hot oil until golden brown. Add butter. Turn off heat. Add paprika
Roll Ingredients:
7 Ounce lobster tail
5 ½  Ounces sushi rice
1 Full sheet nori seaweed (8 ¼ ” x 7”)
1 Ripe avocado, sliced thin
4 Colors of caviar (tobiko)
2 Ounces barbeque Eel, broiled
2 Strips cream cheese

Roll Procedure: Spread the 5 ½ ounces of sushi rice on full sheet nori. Flip over on bamboo mat. Arrange all ingredients on nori. Roll it up tightly ensuring all ingredients are even throughout the roll. Cut 10-inch width plastic wrap. Place on cutting board, arrange four colors of tobiko or caviar equally on plastic wrap, one inch wide and ten inches long. Put avocado on top of tobiko. Put the roll on top on slices avocado. Wrap it up and upside down so you can see tobiko.

Put paper napkin on the roll. Use bamboo mat,and press the roll to adjust the shape. Cut into 10 to 12 pieces.

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