Spring Dreamstyle

The trends for fashion this spring and summer seem to have taken their inspiration right out of Barbie and Ken’s closet.
For women, the look is light and breezy in lush fabrics splashed with vivid color and bold floral prints. The fit is draped and flowy or tailored snugly to accentuate the feminine form.
Men look dapper in the classic styles of yesterday but in this season’s much bolder colors and patterns. Hues once reserved for accents now take center stage in solids, gingham or plaids. (Ken was so fashion
So, we decided to pop over to the Dream House for a visit in style. And when you order up your new wardrobe this season, don’t
forget to say, “Super-saturate me, please!”

Concept and photography by Liesa Cole
Producer, 3-D compositor: Tony Rodio

Styling by Mary Beth Wetzel
Makeup by Angela King Layman, Tonya Jones Salon
Hair by  Whitney Mullins, Tonya Jones Salon

Cherry pie by Ashley Brouwer of Food Swoon
Hanging lamp, sofa, rug, pink chair courtesy of Atmosphere Home Essentials

Models: Scott Fell, Ashton Arrington, Angela King, Ben & Alison Smolin.

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

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  1. MBDinBham says:

    Ok, I look at A LOT of spring fashion spreads on a daily basis and I can say that this one really takes the cake, no pun intended. It’s the freshest thing I’ve seen so far this year.

    Great job.

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