Style Icon: Kerri Bunn

Mossimo skirt and tank; Charlotte Russe belt; grandmother’s costume ring and bracelets combined with bangles from Target

Aesthetician & Makeup Artist

by Tracy Robinson, Photographed by Chuck St. John

With her creamy skin and fresh looks, Kerri Bunn is a walking advertisement for her trade as an aesthetician at Infinity Med-I-Spa and freelance hair and makeup artist. Both her mother and grandmother were hair dressers, so a job in the beauty industry was a logical fit. Years as a makeup artist for Bobbi Brown taught Kerri to “bring out a woman’s features and not just apply makeup.” This attention to detail served her well when, six years ago, she decided to pursue a certification as a licensed aesthetician. In 2007, Kerri began freelancing as a hair and makeup artist for print, film and commercial work. The first freelance job she ever did ended up in more than 20 magazines nationwide.

Describing her personal style, Kerri says she is “one part bohemian, two parts cowgirl.” Her icon: Punky Brewster! As Kerri says, “I sometimes like to throw on as many things as I can.  Kind of like when you see a little girl who you know has dressed herself. It’s always something different and just depends on how I’m feeling that day.” While on another person this might result in a look that is decidedly bag lady, Kerri’s expertise in mixing–and–not–matching is exactly what makes her a Style Icon.

A fan of bargains, Kerri shops the affordable styles at Lotus Boutique, Charlotte Russe and Target, mixing these trendier items with vintage pieces passed down from her mother and grandmother, treasures she keeps safely stored in a jewelry box on her vanity to admire every day. “It’s pretty neat to wear something they loved,” Kerri says. “They have such a story, you know?” Keeping true to her cowgirl flair, wardrobe staples also include jeans and her Jessica Simpson boots: “I should’ve bought 14 pair!”

Kerri’s outlook on life is as glowing as her appearance: “I love every aspect of what I do—from everyday makeup to films, real people to models, skin care to lip gloss. The Lord truly ordered my steps to here, and as for what’s next? Who knows, but I can’t wait to find out!”

Style Icon: Kerri Bunn

Aesthetician & Make-Up Artist

Part II

In addition to gathering information about the fashion preferences of this month’s Style Icon (see newsstands for this month’s issue), I also spoke with Kerri Bunn in regard to her expert knowledge of skin care and makeup.  Many of my clients often have beauty questions in addition to style issues, so I jumped at the chance to gather some insider tips.

Tricks of the Trade

“What are expert tips I can apply to my everyday makeup routine?”

Laura Mercier’s Secret Concealer

*  According to Kerri, for a flawless face, apply concealer first. (She likes the coverage and durability of Laura Mercier’s Secret Concealer, pictured.)  Covering imperfections (under the eyes and elsewhere) before applying foundation leads to using less foundation and thus a fresher look.  (Extra tip: Applying under-eye cream will keep concealer on all day. Kerri uses Bobbi Brown’s quick-absorbing Eye Repair Cream, pictured)

Bobbi Brown’s quick-absorbing Eye Repair Cream

*  Give your eyebrows some attention.  Kerri recommends using a powder applied with a brush to define and fill in eyebrows, keeping a face-framing shape.  She is also a proponent of tweezing over waxing, which can be damaging to the skin.

Beauty is Only Skin Deep

How can I make my skin look better?

Your mother was right: you can’t overemphasize the importance of starting and ending the day with a clean face.  In the morning, a cleansed, hydrated face is a must before makeup application. No matter your age, all should follow cleansing with a moisterizer containing sunscreen. Kerri uses Société’s Prime & Defend, which contains not only antioxidents and an SPF of 30, but a slight tint to act as a perfect makeup primer. (See pictured,

Société’s Prime & Defend

At night, Kerri follows cleansing with water with Darphin Rose Aromatic Care, an essential oil that soothes and protects.  “Not only does it smell amazing, but it makes my skin feel so good,” Kerri says.

Wheel of Fortune

“What colors look best on me?”

Kerri and I shared a laugh when we realized we had both experienced a client unearthing from a drawer of discards their Color Me Beautiful “Color Wheel.” This usually follows with a recounting of when the client had her colors “done” circa 1984 and how she has forever since stuck to a Winter palette.  While we are in agreement that, both in clothing and cosmetic choices, their are certain colors that flatter and compliment, Kerri and I also believe that one should never feel they can’t wear a color because of some “rule.”  If a color makes you happy, wear it!  Just as I advise clients that there are ways to interpret trrends for any age and figure, Kerri gives similar advice when it comes to cosmetics, for example, “If you really love red lipstick but have been told or have read somewhere that it’s too harsh of a look for you, find a way to make it work for you by choosing the shade of red wisely and tailoring

Darphin Rose Aromatic Care

your other makeup appliation accordingly.”

Choices should be directed by personal preference, style and personality, not rules.  But keep in mind that just as your skin care regime changes as you age, so should your cosmetic practices evolve.  Often we develop habits that have no rhyme or reason and need to be broken.  What it all comes down to is an open-minded, stress-free attitude. As Kerri says, “Makeup is mistake-proof. It can always be taken off!”

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