Summertime Essentials

ConferoConfero’s tips for a hot summer.

By Christopher Confero   

Summer tends to bring out the best in people. A healthy dose of the sun’s vitamin D in the skin gets all those good vibes in full swing. To start the season right, one needs five essentials—a new wardrobe staple, an addition to your daily beauty regime, a go-to cocktail for entertaining, a summer anthem, and a trip to somewhere fabulous.

A Classic White

Nothing says summer quite like a pristinely white garment. Invest in a simply chic white dress or shirt that can be styled with gold accessories or add a punch of excitement with a thin, neon belt. Ditch the loose, flowing linen for something with a touch more structure to give shape to that beach body you’ve been working on all spring. Ladies, if you’re feeling more daring, find a perfect pair of culottes that can be worn with a sleeveless blouse and broad-rimmed hat. Most importantly, everyone should leave the flip-flops by the pool once and for all. A more suitable choice of footwear would be a slip-on moccasin.

SPF Moisturizer

Surely by now you have taken the advice to add a great moisturizer to your daily beauty regimen. If not, you are already behind and simply must start today and not tomorrow. Your skin is your body’s largest organ and needs to be treated with care. If you are with the program already, you need to take it to the next level by ensuring your facial moisturizer of choice includes a broad spectrum SPF. Kiehl’s offers an excellent option and can be found at Saks Fifth Avenue at the Summit. Bonus points if you can find an option that works best for your skin and has a touch of tint to help even out your skin tone. Guys, all of this applies to you just as much, if not more.

Cucumber Cocktails

The best way to bring the taste of summer to your libations list is to add cucumber to the mix. If you haven’t given this refreshing flavor a chance, you are cheating yourself. Make this cucumber mojito for you and a friend soon and you will be sure to add it to your next gathering’s menu.

•   5 slices of cucumber

•   7 leaves of mint

•   2 oz. 10 Cane Light Rum

•   4 oz. Schwepp’s Club Soda

•   ½ teaspoon natural honey

•   1 teaspoon fresh-squeezed lime juice


1. In a large shaker, muddle the cucumber, mint, and rum.

2. Strain into a glass with ice.

3. Add honey, lime juice, and club soda. Stir.

4. And a slice of cucumber and mint for garnish.


“Hold My Hand,” Jess Glynne

Every summer requires an anthem that instantly gets your hands in the air. If you loved Clean Bandit’s “Rather Be” last year, then you are already a fan of the talented Jess Glynne. She was featured on the “Rather Be” track and toured with Clean Bandit throughout 2014. “Hold My Hand” has the upbeat tempo that gets you moving, but a slower pace of lyrics with which everyone can sing along. Dance remixes are sure to be made with this summer hit that will be great to add to your workout playlist.

Summer in Cabo

Need a quick getaway? I’m personally looking forward to a week in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, that I’ve been eyeing on my calendar for a few months. The beaches are stunning and the weather is divine. A mid-year holiday is good for the body and mind, so be sure to give yourself a little “me-time” this summer. Even just a couple days away from your normal routine and surroundings will reenergize you to be happier and more productive. Give me a buzz in July, and I’ll let you know how Cabo goes!

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