Josh Eats: Swoul Food


Photography by Beau Gustafson

Swoul Food is far cry from soul food in many ways, but it’s just as comforting and delicious. I found it’s for anybody who’s hungry, and as their slogan says, “Your Hunger Is Worthy.” Swoul Food, the brainchild of Isaac Robinson, has introduced a unique way to get healthy, fresh food to your home table without having to cook it yourself. A fairly new concept to the area, this business is on the verge of reaching a wider consumer base through its expansion. All ingredients they use are natural, and some items are even made with the allergy-conscious in mind.


I got to sample a few of their pre-made entrees while filming the sixth episode of my show. I have to say my favorite was the sausage, egg, and cheese “Que-Swoul-Dilla.” It’s definitely a great way to start your morning, afternoon, or well, your evening. That thing is delish! It’s very rare that I enjoy a piece of turkey bacon, but what they serve with their sweet potato hotcakes is actually quite appetizing. It kind of reminded me of a ham steak instead of the thin style we’re accustomed to. And don’t even get me started on their brisket taco. It’s “Swoul-licious”!

On, you can customize the meals you will receive, so the possibilities are endless. If you want beef with quinoa pasta or chicken with spaghetti squash, the sky is the limit. They even bottle up their popular Swoul Sauce now, which is a great flavorful addition to any dish you get. Look them up online, or just go to their storefront in Hoover and check out what they have in stock. Swoul Food is serving up plenty of tasty options in a cool innovative new way.

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