Eat This: Taziki’s Dolmades Plate

Savor-Dec-TzikisBy Jan Walsh

Photography by Beau Gustafson


Dolma is a type of stuffed vegetable dish common in the Middle East and in Mediterranean regions. In Greece, the dolma is typically a meatless dish of rolled vine leaf stuffed with rice. And Taziki’s dolmades are authentically Greek.

Grilled grape leaves are hand-stuffed with seasoned rice and grilled onions, rolled into a tubular shape, and wrapped tight. They are available as an appetizer, platter, or  plate at Taziki’s. The appetizer includes three dolmades served with pita bread and Taziki sauce. In the Mezedes platter, dolmades come with pita and two tasty dips: hummus and Taziki’s dip. Today I select the dolmades plate. Four large dolmades are made of delicate, deep-green grape leaves overstuffed with nutty-flavored yellow Basmati rice with tempting sweet aromas. These big bites of exotic comfort are served with a side of Taziki sauce for dipping, pita bread, and a gorgeous Greek salad with olives, red peppers, purple onion, and tomatoes.

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