The 6-year-old Civilization

This really weird thing has happened.

Well, two weird things as Chase is running around the house screaming “i fownd a nudder a-wee-in (alien)! it was in my roooom!”

(I’ve only stepped on it twice. I already knew this.)

That insane Category 5-year-old Hurricane son of mine? Is morphing (since it is magical) into this… … marginally civilized member of the human race. Not only that, but he is beginning to understand the importance of the “civilized” part.

And in internal dialogue, it hit me in the form of: – “fuck yeah”.

He helps me clean, and not because I sing some stupid song that around year 2 got old, but because he knows he’s doing the right thing.

He alerts me if something that is most likely unsafe (typically in the form of Chase standing or climbing upon some absurdly not-low surface…) is occurring.

Conner knows shoes now go in the shoe basket by the door.

Now, he stills chooses to inform me every time he must urinate (from 2 rooms away I get “Mommmm! I’m gonna pee!!”) and his aim is worth crap (…being male and all). He can’t for the lovin’ life of him discern the idea of an inside voice or why I just can’t survive another 3 seconds of him verbally torturing Chase with catchy phrases such as “BootyHead” (ahhh, can’t wait till that turns into “assface”… #memories) and the ever popular “baaaaaaaaaabbyyyyyy pooooooopie”.

But overall? I say he gets an A for this school year.

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