The Swann Family Finds a Home


Ryan and Rebecca Swann were looking for the perfect place for their young family to grow. High school sweethearts, they have been married for four years and have two children, Skylar, 2, and Harper, just 8 weeks old.
Once they saw the lifestyle at Liberty Park, they were confident they were on the right path. And they could ride in the golf cart right along that path.
“Liberty Park is a lifestyle,” says Ryan Swann. “You’re not just living on another street in just another neighborhood. Having all the amenities a golf cart ride away from your home makes life easy and fun. We have a top-rated school system, first class sports complex, multiple well-maintained parks, lakes for fishing and feeding ducks (which we do every afternoon). Being able to walk, drive a golf cart, or ride bikes wherever you want in the neighborhood without having to get on a main road makes everything and everyone safer.”
Ryan works for his family’s business, Lewie’s Appliance, which sells and services all major appliances. For relaxation, he enjoys golf (the family just joined Old Overton Country Club back in March) and “anything my kids want to do.”
“It is so family oriented,” says Rebecca. “Every night we go on a quick golf cart ride around the neighborhood where we can catch up with neighbors and friends and just escape the stress of everyday life. We also like taking a ride to visit the food trucks that come to the pool each week. The food trucks are wonderful to me because I love having a good excuse to getting out of preparing dinner for one night.”

v51a7615The school system was a big attraction for the Swanns when they were deciding where to live. “The big thing to me was having our own school system literally right in the neighborhood,” Rebecca says. “I love knowing that my kids can one day ride their bikes to school, and be safe! I drove through one day as school was getting out and I couldn’t help but smile inside seeing so many adorable kids riding their bikes home. I immediately knew this is somewhere where I wanted to raise my kids. It almost felt like some- thing that you would see in a movie. Family is extremely important to me, and I want to be the best mom and wife that I can be.” Both Swann children have started attending Liberty Park Pals daycare.
Rebecca grew up in Liberty Park and her grandmother and father still live here. “It’s great having everyone so close by,” she says. Though on maternity leave now, she works for her family-owned business, Moore Oil Company Inc., in accounting. The interior of their Liberty Park home was as big a selling point for the Swanns as well as the community amenities.
“The design was so open! With kids that was a big selling point for us. But, of course, this was going to be a forever home for us, so I wanted to make it our own. I wanted a more modern contemporary style and our builder, Jonathan Clements, and Mollie Piccirilli from Swag Studio made that possible. They worked with us through the whole design process to make sure we got exactly what we wanted,” Rebecca says.
At Liberty Park, getting what you want is par for the course.


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