Typos Happen

spelling is hard

“What’s your policy on typos,” asked a friend of mine via Facebook chat one day.

“Uh. TELL ME RIGHT NOW SO I CAN CORRECT IT,” if memory serves, was my answer.

I’m not sure who, at some point, decided that being one of those “I can never be corrected” people was healthy, and to be frank, I’m positive that you need to seek professional “life coaching” if you are one of those, but damnit…

Typos happen.

I can be flying along, mid-idea, and words like “separate” and “peice”, or when i need to hyphenate a word, are the least of my concerns. If The Lords are being kind to me that day, auto correct throws a big, red squiggly line under it and I check it at my leisure.

But folks? Spell check is not a catch-all.

So when I do place a rogue letter in a word it does not belong in, or misplace a comma, please tell me.

Oh. Don’t be a douche about it either.

Via Facebook: “Hey, typo. 2nd paragraph. the word “not” is “nit”
Via Email: “Subject line: Fix this Text: <pasted text> Error line 2. You forgot an “e”
Via Twitter: You asshole. Don’t do that on Twitter. Unless you DM. Different story.

And don’t wait till you can do this:

Hey. How are you? It’s great to see you! Oh, I meant to tell you this the other day, great blog about the fullness of a Smart Water bottle and all, but you misspelled “with”. It looks like a typo.

By that point, it’s TOO LATE.

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