Eat This: Vino’s Wild Salmon Farfella

Jan-15-Savor-VinoBy Jan Walsh

Photography by Beau Gustafson


Vino is one of my favorite restaurants. It is a neighborhood favorite in Mountain Brook’s English Village. But this well-kept, tasty secret is getting out and bringing more and more patrons from outside the neighborhood.

The restaurant is locally owned and operated by Al and Becky Rabiee and focuses on fresh, healthy fare made with regional, seasonal ingredients. In addition to its dinner menu, Vino serves nightly specials. Tonight we taste both regular and special items. All are absolutely delicious, but if I have to pick my favorite, it is the salmon farfella. We pair it with a bottle of Mumm Cuvee Napa Brut Prestige.

I only eat wild salmon, never farmed salmon. And this wild-caught, pan-seared salmon is cut into bite-sized pieces and mixed with artichoke hearts, tomatoes, capers, and baby spinach. The protein and veggies are tossed with mini farfella (bowtie) pasta in this fresh dish. A very light lemon Pinot Grigio sauce adds Italian accents. And to top it off, shaved Parmesan adds a final bite of Italy to this fulfilling dish.

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