Votive or Vase?

A versatile decor item can work in a number of ways.

by Charlie Thigpen    Photography by Chuck St. John

One of our favorite finds for the holidays is a mercury-glass votive holder that I thought would be fun to decorate with.  When I flipped the votive holder over, I decided to use a few of them as vases.   Look at how we used the votives/vases for Thanksgiving and again for Christmas.

Roadside Arrangements

For Thanksgiving we wanted to create a natural look that would reflect the autumn hues. I usually walk into the garden to pick flowers for cutting, but for this arrangement I pulled off on the side of the road and cut goldenrod, seed heads from Johnson grass and a few branches on a maple tree from a vacant lot.  When grouped together, these roadside finds make a beautiful, long-lasting arrangement. We inserted candles in two of the votives and used one of the mercury vessels as a vase. The mercury glass’s reflective quality picks up the flickering candlelight and the colorful foliage and flowers.

Easy Ingredients

For Christmas, we purchased a few red roses from a local florist.  When selecting roses, make sure the buds are nice and tight and have good color so they will last a long time. We also clipped a few branches from a “Carolina Sapphire” cypress tree.  This cypress works well in the landscape, and the silvery-blue foliage is outstanding when used in winter arrangements.  The foliage was tucked into the vases first, then we topped it with roses. The deep-red roses stand out against the light-colored cypress foliage. A candle was placed in one of the votives to finish off the festive arrangement.

Happy Holidays

Have fun with family and friends during this festive time of year.  Decorating your home will make you feel better and make your house look great. Just remember to keep it simple and be creative.  A votive can be a vase, and sometimes you can pick up an arrangement from the  roadside.

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