What’s Your Favorite Thing About Birmingham


Kristen Landham


James Alexander


Leslie, Bob and Macey Robinson


Carrington Glover

Kristen Landham, Homewood

I left Birmingham for undergrad and found myself missing the people the most. No one here lets a door slam in your face.

James Alexander, Highland Park

It has finally become a city rather than a racial battleground. Working together works for all of us. What we need now is a mass transit system that works. The new parks in and around the city provide new meeting locations for community development and city pride.

Leslie, Bob and Macey Robinson, Mountain Brook

I love that Birmingham is such a friendly city. There are so many wonderful neighborhoods and we love meeting new people.

Carrington Glover, Alabaster

Culture, history, close enough to many metro areas.

Vivian Virgil, Valerie Williams, and Lula Kelly

Food and shopping.


Jaime Ritter


Aditi, Kalyani and Hiren Jani


Vivian Virgil, Valerie Williams, and Lula Kelly

Jaime Ritter, Highland Park

Birmingham fosters new growth, whether it’s personal growth or growing a new business.

Aditi, Kalyani and Hiren Jani, Highland Park

Birmingham is and always will be my home.  I love that you can walk down the street and complete strangers will say “Hey,” like they’ve known you for years.

Dan Starnes, Homewood

Convenience to restaurants, events, and things to do.  A great small business community.

David Barry, Homewood

Every time I think about moving, the ease of living here, coupled with exciting food, music, arts and culture scenes, keep me here.

Steve Higginbotham, Southside

The outdoor culture that has evolved. Bicycles, outdoor restaurants, festivals that get people together outside.

Julian, Michele, Abram and Juda Maha Vestavia Hills

The openness to diversity.

Lauren Nowak, Homewood

Sense of community, support of music and arts in our school, and the best food in Alabama.

Sheila Atchison, Mountain Brook

Food and culture.

Cheryl Morgan, Downtown

Auburn Urban Studio and the Rotary Trail.

Clockwise below, from left: David Barry, Julian, Michele, Abram and Juda Maha, Steve Higginbotham, Dan Starnes, Sheila Atchison, Cheryl Morgan, Lauren Nowak.



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