Wild Style

Wild Style

Concept and photography by Liesa Cole

Produced by Tony Rodio

Trend forecasting and fashion styling by Mary Beth Wetzel

Art Direction by Robin Colter

Set design by Christophe Nicolet

Hair Design by Shelby McDonald

Make-up artistry by Lindsay Garret

Photo assistance by Emmanuel Benetollo and Erik Fountain

Reptiles and animal wranglers provided by Ed’s Pet World

Taxidermy provided by Chuck Rackley and Mark’s Outdoor Sports

Behind-the-scenes video by John and Katie Gaiser

Models:  Christina Sly for Real People Models & Talent and Rhiannon Hedges

Crow sculptures by artist Randy Gachet

This fall, fashion emerges from mysterious, untamed regions, cloaked in the exotic patterns and textures of the animal kingdom.  Unleash your primal side and tread boldly in fierce separates that flaunt the dramatic designs of the jungle’s most feared predators.  Or reflect your tender charms with embellishments inspired by the woodland’s more vulnerable prey. Feeling fearless? Choose leopard or snakeskin motifs in tops or bottoms to layer under leopard print jackets. Or soften the look of the season with doe-like fur accents and cozy sweaters, as soft as a bunny’s belly. From the largest quadruped to the tiniest insect, let animal references creep, crawl and flutter into your closet, and you will be set to prowl in style.

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