Think Outside the Door

Wreaths can be more than dazzling door hangers.

By Charlie Thigpen

Photography by Beau Gustafson

Most of the time when you view a wreath, it’s displayed on a door or over a fireplace. Think outside the box this year and use a festive wreath as the centerpiece for your dining table for a fun holiday look. Check out the four wreaths we created to decorate our tables for the season.

Boxwood in a Bowl












This small preserved boxwood wreath placed in a white ceramic bowl makes an easy centerpiece. A candle placed in the center of the boxwood wreath creates a nice glow. We tucked a few magnolia leaves under the boxwood wreath. By alternating the shiny front side of the leaves next to the backside of the magnolia foliage, we created a unique look.

Merry Muscadine

Thigpen 3











The great thing about using a muscadine vine wreath is that you can dress it up so many ways, giving it a new look each time. We first wrapped the muscadine wreath with a pinecone garland. Then we placed berry-covered holly branches into the vines. A tall glass votive was set in the center of the wreath to complete the arrangement.

Magnolia Makeover

Thigpen 4











A leftover magnolia leaf wreath from last year had turned brown, but the leaves were still in good shape, so we sprayed it with a Krylon Cherry Red paint. The old wreath took on a bright new, festive look. A small battery-operated frosted glass finial added a little twinkle.

Bloomin’ Wreath

Thigpen 2











This circular glass wreath/vase is made for a table. We filled it with water and placed calla lilies in the vase. Around the outside of the glass bubble wreath we placed a few clipped juniper branches. The juniper emits a holiday fragrance and the berries are a bonus. A small tulip-filled vase placed in the middle of the ring completes the centerpiece.

This holiday season, think outside the box and use our circular symbol of the season in fun ways to embellish your table.

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