You Win

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By Luke Robinson

Is there anything better than holding a trophy? Not one of those plastic participation trophies I used to get when my elementary school had “Activity Day”; I am talking about the real deal. That tangible, metallic symbol of one’s incredible achievements. Physical evidence that announces to your peers that they aren’t really your peers at all…. You are better than they are.

Of course you like trophies. We all do. They make us feel special.

And I have some awesome news for you: The United States Golf Association is giving you the opportunity to have your picture made with the coveted U.S. Women’s Open Trophy.

You read correctly. You will have a chance to stand next to that shiny silver urn that (some would argue) is the most prestigious piece of hardware in all of women’s golf.

Want even more good news? You won’t have to leave Birmingham to do it. Because the U.S. Women’s Open is coming to Shoal Creek May 29-June 3. There will also be a promotional tour showcasing various aspects of the majestic event. One of these is allowing fans to have a photo made with the famous Harton S. Semple trophy.

The promotion will be (literally) driven by a traveling U.S. Women’s Open-branded truck that has the ability to convert into a family-friendly golf experience. I don’t want to get you too excited here, but it sounds like the USGA has a real-life Transformer or at least a “Gobot.” In fact, I hereby name this transforming truck “Optimus Par-ime” (patent pending).

Extra points for the USGA since they are NOT using Michael Bay to direct this campaign.

Anyhoo, the “more-than-meets-the-eye” truck will be on display at the Exceptional Foundation Chili Cook Off March 3rd, the Chic-Fil-A Corporate Challenge April 19th at Highland Park Golf Course, and at Railroad Park on April 21st. It will also make a few random stops at Topgolf Birmingham and a handful of the Magic City’s more popular brew pubs, too.

The Knight-Eady Group, a sports marketing firm in Birmingham which has grown tremendously over the last few years, was contracted by the USGA to handle all regional marketing and advertising for the U.S. Women’s Open. Since I have been fortunate enough to get to know a lot of the great people in this company, I can safely say the USGA is in great hands.

Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Knight-Eady Michael Eady had this to say about the upcoming tournament and promotional tour. “It is with great anticipation that we introduce the U.S. Women’s Trophy Tour to the public. Hosting this prestigious championship for the first time in the state of Alabama is a major opportunity for Birmingham. We hope fans will embrace this fan experience tour as a chance to generate excitement in the community as we prepare to welcome the world’s best female golfers in May.”

So make plans to be at Shoal Creek in May for this incredible moment in Birmingham’s sports history. And be sure to get that snapshot of yourself with the U.S. Women’s Trophy beforehand.

That way, no matter which of the talented ladies wins this gorgeous award, you can turn to your buddy at the ceremony and flippantly say, “Pffffft…I held that before she did.”

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