Jones is Hungry

The Soup Whisperer

The magician behind Spoon & Ladle Soup Co.

Written by Scott Jones
Photography by Beau Gustafson

Cool as a Cucumber

As the Market at Pepper Place celebrates its 15th anniversary, crowds are bigger than ever, from downtown hipsters to suburban soccer moms.

Soul Food

During the season of Lent, local churches reach the city through good food and the Good News.

Out of the Mouths of Babes

The truth is, there are plenty of locally owned spots in Birmingham offering foods kids will love—even if chicken nuggets are missing on the menu. Don’t believe me? Just see what these budding food critics have to say.

A Tasty Approach to New Year’s Resolutions

I guess what gets me the most about the whole post-holiday, all-or-nothing approach to dieting is that many feel sentenced to grazing salad bars or driving past their favorite restaurants. I set out to find a couple of pros who not only know a thing or two about food and nutrition but the Birmingham dining scene as well.

Sharing in the Season

It’s that time of year when I find myself lost in thoughts of cooking traditions past, present, and future. Something as mundane as a walk through the mall can turn into a wonderful stroll down memory lane as I breathe in smells of warm chocolate chip cookies and spiced apple candles.

Class is in Session

Now, more than ever, folks are sharpening their skills in local cooking classes catering to all tastes.

Beyond Bacon

In this year’s highly anticipated “What’s Hot” culinary forecast, the National Restaurant Association reported that nationwide, chefs ranked “house-cured meats and charcuterie” as the trendiest appetizer.