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B-Metro’s Top Doctors Rising Star

Dr. Haniya J. Halim

Dr. Haniya J. Halim is a resident in the psychiatry department at UAB. A graduate of the medical school at Wayne State University in her native Detroit, she was drawn to medicine to help others. “ I was first drawn to medicine early in my life originating with my parents instilling a drive within to serve my community in whatever way possible. I enjoyed volunteering in my neighborhood and at my local mosque and found immense joy in improving the lives of others. In medicine, we listen to our patients, hear their struggles, treat their pain, and help them live healthy lives. Serving others is an intrinsic part of the job description. My desire to serve coupled with my love of science and drive to succeed left me well suited for this position and I have tremendously enjoyed it so far,” Dr. Halim says.

“The field of psychiatry has undergone tremendous advancements in the last century, and a large part of that is due to the acceptance of mental health as a legitimate part of our overall health and wellness. However, within certain groups, mental illness is still viewed as fictitious, and there is an associated stigma with diagnosis and treatment. I felt compelled to enter this field to fight this stigma, especially as it exists within Muslim communities such as my own. It is my hope that that the more representation there is within the field, the more those who feel uncomfortable will be encouraged to ask for help when they need it.”

Dr. Halim plans to pursue a fellowship in child and adolescent psychiatry. “This will allow me to treat an increasingly vulnerable population. I would also like to start a Muslim Mental Health clinic, a clinic designed to make Muslims comfortable but where all religions and cultures will be welcome and encouraged to seek aid without judgment.”

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