Creating a Peaceful Retreat

Does your bedroom need a makeover? 

by Amanda LeBlanc


Meet Karen. Karen is divorced and raising a daughter on her own. She has a good job with a good income, but the job and the pressures of raising her daughter, as well as taking care of her home, are all weighing heavily on her happiness.  At the end of a long day, she comes home to a pile of bills and things to do. When she can no longer hold her eyes open, she makes her way to her bedroom, which is the least of her concerns. She has taken the time to put organizational systems in place for other areas of the home, but she doesn’t give much thought to her space. As she closes her eyes to sleep, the last thing her subconscious sees is the reflection of how she feels about herself, neglected. The last thing she thinks of, as she attempts to rest and rejuvenate herself for tomorrow, are all the things she has failed to get done, which are now piled in her room. It’s no wonder when she gets out of bed the next day, she doesn’t feel rested. She feels defeated, and the day hasn’t even started.

Let’s take a look at how to make Karen’s life different. Take all of the items out of Karen’s room, including her clothes and even the terrible wire shelving system! We are left with the shell. Start with a fresh coat of paint that is a soft color. A color that is soothing to her eyes and makes her feel relaxed. Use the same color inside the closet. To organize her closet, we use freedomRail, an affordable closet system by Organized Living, which offers simple, clean lines and easy adjustability for her two small closets. The new closet system gives her one closet for all of her tops and bottoms, while the other has a small section to hang longer items, such as dresses, shelves for shoes and purses, as well as drawers for underclothes and sleepwear.

At this point, everything should be sorted through and purged to assure that all of the clothing in the closet is something Karen would wear and feels good in. All of the items in the closet are placed on the same type of hanger to provide a clean line and clear any visual clutter. Then, hang the clothing in categories; my preference is by color. The shoes are placed toe/heel on the shelves and arranged by color.

The finished result is a beautiful closet that feels more like a boutique. When the doors of the closet open, it makes Karen feel good and excited to get ready to face the day.

After the closet is in place, we turn our focus back to the bedroom. Choose a simple window treatment that goes up the length of the wall to create height in the room, opening up the space. Assess the room size. Karen had a king size bed in her small room, so to give her more room, we replaced it with a beautiful queen bed. This immediately opens the room and creates more space. All of the surfaces of the bedside tables are cleaned off and the TV is removed from the room, creating a beautiful, serene place. Anything that does not belong or didn’t have a specific home has been moved out, thus clearing the physical and visual clutter.

It was important for Karen to have a place that is for her. It’s hard for a mom to even think about placing her needs before her child, but now she understands that she has to take care of herself in order to take care of her children. The other upside to creating this new space and habit is breaking the cycle and teaching your child the right way to take care of his or her room.

Your bedroom should be treated with respect. This is where we go after a long hard day to rest and rejuvenate ourselves. There is no need to allow any clutter or unfinished business to accumulate in this retreat. It should be peaceful, a place to rest and rebuild what the day took away from us. Without this peaceful retreat, we go out into the world feeling unprepared, ill–equipped, and negative about ourselves. Oppositely, when we have a room that is clutter-free and appealing to our senses, it makes us feel better about ourselves and what we can accomplish. We go out into the world with our best foot forward. We are happier and better equipped to handle the challenges of the day.

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