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Deli Dreams

The city welcomes a classic deli to town

Personal Space

A one-on-one conversation with Chris Pfefferkorn of The Birmingham Zoo 

If a Tree Falls in the Forest

Redesigning their Vestavia Hills home, Christopher and Elizabeth Frost found the perfect use for milled cypress her father had been saving for years.

The Instagram Life

What do you do when you can’t stop photographing your pet?

Walking the Dog

There’s an art and a business behind a dog’s daily walk.

The Secret Lives of Dogs

Illustrator Becky Denny tells unique stories with her pet portraiture.

Bark Art

Amy DeLoach reveals the personalities of dogs through her camera.

A Dog’s Healing Touch

Through Hand in Paw, volunteers and their pets bring joy and empathy into situations where people need it most.

Decoding the Canine Mind

Dog behaviorist, author, and advocate Aaron McDonald has spent more than 10,000 hours studying dog behavior to improve dog-human relationships. 

Leaf it to Me…

Produced by Mindi Shapiro Written by Brett Levine Food styling by Lily Plauché Photography by Alison Miksch Tea may be for two, and it may have launched a party in Boston Harbor, but for our purposes it is the perfect foundation for incredible additions to your menu. Its distinctive flavor adds smokiness in the form of a Lapsang souchong,… Read More

The Call of Duty

Presented with the opportunity to take the reins of the largest police force in Alabama, L.A.P.D. veteran and Tuscaloosa native Patrick Smith didn’t hesitate. Written by Rosalind Fournier Seated at his desk in his office high up in the police headquarters downtown, Birmingham Police Chief Patrick Smith reaches behind him and picks up an old… Read More