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Ask the Medical Expert: Tired of Glasses or Contacts?

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Price Kloess, M.D

What  you should know about LASIK and other vision correction procedures in 2017

Q: What is LASIK?
A: LASIK is a brief, painless, outpatient procedure that corrects nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia. It reduces and in most cases eliminates the need for glasses (including reading glasses) and contacts.

Q: Is LASIK a laser procedure?
A: Yes. With LASIK, a thin flap is created in the cornea. Then the cornea is microscopically reshaped to match one’s eyeglass prescription. We use lasers in both of these steps.

Q: Is LASIK personalized for my unique prescription?
A: Yes. No two eyes are alike. That’s why we offer iLASIK: an all-laser technique that measures the waveprint of your eye (like your fingerprint) and corrects your vision with unparalleled safety and precision. This customized LASIK treatment is approved by NASA for fighter pilots and astronauts and now…you!

Q: Am I sedated for the procedure?
A: Yes, we give sedation before LASIK. The actual procedure is brief (3-4 minutes) allowing us to keep you comfortable.

Q: Are activities restricted after LASIK?
A: Not much. We give a sleep aid to help you rest. Vision is good after a nap and most can drive the next day. Avoid swimming and eye cosmetics for 3 days. You may resume other activities immediately including exercise. Medicated drops are taken for 10 days.

Q: Is LASIK safe?
A: Yes. LASIK is one of the most common procedures in the world and is extremely safe. Patients may experience temporary dryness or glare at night. Enhancements are rarely needed.

Q: Is LASIK affordable?
A: LASIK is a lifestyle choice, especially for those who can no longer wear contacts or who enjoy activities that preclude wearing glasses. Over time LASIK is cheaper than glasses or contacts. MSA/FSA’s and our competitive financing are great options. We accept all vision plans that offer LASIK discounts (VSP, EyeMed, Cole).

Q: How do I choose the best surgeon for my LASIK?
A: We performed the first iLASIK in Birmingham with tens of thousands of procedures since. Experts agree Cornea Specialists make the best LASIK surgeons. We are the only area practice where every iLASIK procedure is performed by a Cornea Specialist. Our surgeons are personally involved in every step of the process. We were voted Birmingham’s Best Eye Surgeons for 2016 and 2017. Better yet, ask our patients! Read their reviews on our website ( or our top online ranking (Google, FB, RateMD).

Q: Are there other vision correction procedures?
A: PRK, like LASIK, is a highly effective corneal laser procedure. We offer this in patients who are not LASIK candidates. SMILE is a corneal laser procedure but is less effective than LASIK or PRK. There are “lens-based” procedures (Clear Lens Extraction or Refractive Lens Exchange) where the clear lens of the eye is replaced with a vision correction lens (for distance, near or both with a multifocal option). This is identical to cataract surgery and is very effective in correcting vision. Visian ICL (implantable contact lenses) are used to correct extreme nearsightedness.

Q: Where should I go for more information?
A: Visit or call 888-841-EYES to schedule a free vision correction consultation with one of our surgeons.

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