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Wasabi Juan’s

Is it a burrito? Is it Sushi? Yes!

It seems like a strange idea at first but when I  tasted the burrito I was instantly a fan. Where else can you get a Tropical Tuna Burrito, 4:20 nacho’s, Ceviche Taco’s and many other taste delights? Lighter and fresher than a normal burrito, the sushi is complimented with rice wrappers. Wasabi Juan’s has long been a favorite of mine and my son Darby Jack. Luis and Barby Toro opened the first Wasabi Juan’s in Avondale in 2014 with their special fusion of Mexican food and sushi. They have since moved the Avondale restaurant to the Battery on 2nd Ave North and 22nd Street. They also have a location on 280 and in South Beach in Florida as well as a food truck. Wasabi Juan’s creates a very satisfying experience so dive in and enjoy

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