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For the Kids

Sozo Trading was created to support the mission of keeping children in Uganda safe from harm.

On May 13th, 2010, Sozo Children was born out of an immediate need to take seventeen children from suffering circumstances in Uganda, Africa. Two missionaries found children neglected and hungry. When they discovered rats biting the feet of the children at night, they knew something had to change. Ten days later with the support of the Ugandan government, a new family-style home was created for them including Ugandan mothers and fathers, and a vision to disciple them into the next generation of Christian leaders.

Today, Sozo Children provides care for over 120 children. “Sozo” is a Greek word that means to save, to keep safe, and to rescue from harm. Through a continuum of care provided by a team of Ugandan care-givers, the children of Sozo are loved, nurtured, and equipped with proper nutrition, healthcare, quality education, spiritual development and life skills to impact positive change in their communities and Ugandan society.


One of the ways the work of Sozo is funded is through a unique market in Avondale. Sozo Trading Co. is an upscale thrift marketplace designed to create sustainable income for Sozo Children.  All sales go directly back to fund Sozo Children’s mission. Sozo Trading Co., founded in 2015, sells a large assortment of upscale thrift items, merchandise from Ugandan markets, and leases 24 booth spaces to local vendors.

The store sells designer merchandise clothing & accessories, furniture, housewares, jewelry, vintage finds, handmade items from Uganda, linens, books, sports and kitchen items. The most popular items are women’s clothing and furniture 

Sozo Trading Co. is always in need of donated goods and volunteers. They accept gently used men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, accessories, shoes, home goods, electronics, furniture, etc. 

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