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The Last Supper

After 24 years Hot and Hot Fish Club has a new home at Pepper Place. We were there though at the old place on New Year’s Eve…for the last supper.

A Photo Essay by Karim Shamshi-Basha

Chef Chris Hastings has had 24 years of food, drink and memories at his Hot and Hot Fish Club location on the Southside. His restaurant has become one of the most popular in Birmingham, and it is known virtually all over the country. Now the Iron Chef and James Beard winner is on to bigger and better things.

Hot and Hot Fish Club will open soon at a new location at Pepper Place. Now both of his restaurants, Hot and Hot Fish Club and Oven Bird will be within walking distance of each other in Pepper Place. “We are so excited and thrilled about the move,” Hastings said. “People will still get our incredible and delicious offerings, but in a new place that is much bigger with more options. And Pepper Place has become this fantastic and innovative place and with many successful restaurants. That just shows Birmingham’s talent and its people, who appreciate this talent.” In addition to the larger restaurant, the new location will offer a huge patio and an expanded menu.

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