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The Power of Women: Gina Hurry

Now more than ever, we need hope, beauty, and connection.

Artists can become discouraged that the beauty they want to give the world will go to waste or has no “essential value.”

Gina Hurry, lifelong studio artist, knew that struggle. More than ten years ago she began to dream with friends about the potential impact to the city of Birmingham if artists and creatives came awake to the power and value of their gifts. From this vision, she along with Nancy Carroll launched InSpero, a 501(c)(3) arts organization, as a way of offering a cup of cold water to a thirsty, tired world.

When we fail to slow down and enjoy life, we can become disconnected from ourselves and others. InSpero organizes gatherings to inspire people through art, music, stories, food, and hospitality. People leave our events feeling connected, hopeful, and empowered to live life more beautifully.

InSpero builds relationships with artists, pastors, city visionaries, and other creatives to help them thrive. We believe when Birmingham’s creative community flourishes, our city will reach its fullest potential. InSpero invites these influencers into a unified vision of Birmingham’s future–a story where their gifts encourage beauty, hope, and healing in our city.

Gina Hurry

Founder, Executive Director



Name: Gina Hurry

Occupation: Studio Artist; Founder, CEO, InSpero Birmingham.

Work History: A lifelong studio artist with a heart to encourage other creatives to believe their work matters and to use their gifts for the common good. 

Community involvement: This organic way of living out the mission of InSpero is a mix of inviting, pursuing, nurturing, dreaming, envisioning, identifying artists, organizing small creative gatherings/ offerings, collaboration, creating conversations, seeking to build community and hoping to create opportunities to build bridges of understanding, connection, and healing in the city of Birmingham.

Details: Born in Birmingham. Attended Birmingham-Southern ‘90-‘94 and graduated with a BFA in painting. Married to Tim Hurry and mother to three children (Kathryn, John Michael, Caroline).

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