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History of Birmingham Rock & Roll

Craig Legg (aka Craig Underwood) grew up in Homewood in the 1960s, listening to rock & roll via Birmingham’s AM radio stations. He has lived in Tuscaloosa, Honolulu, Southside, Austin, and East Lake. In Austin he managed three music venues and gained appreciation of musicians in performance onstage, plying their craft. 

In Birmingham he was a poet, self-publishing ten chapbooks, some documenting the con temporary American spoken word scene. In 2013 he turned to painting. “History of Birmingham Rock & Roll” is the eighth iteration of his Trading Card Series of paintings documenting the history of players in performance, in both sports and art. Also a collage and assemblage artist, he is founder of the popular mask-making workshop of the Bare Hands Gallery’s Day of the Dead Festival. Currently he is affiliated with the East Village Arts (EVA) Collective in East Lake.

A gallery showing of the Rock & Roll series remains on display at the Collective through March.

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